January 12, 2013

Erlangen Computer Disaster 2013


after i had to setup my Mac from backup, there are some bits left worth to note:

Restoring from Time Machine Backup was very reliefing and worked with almost no hassle; ignoring the fact, that for some reason restoring the last snapshot did not work, but the 1 hr older was not really worse. Worse was, that the backup was > 10 days old, because it's done on an external drive which i don't want to power up ever 15 minutes, which it does if left mounted. So it's mostly unmounted.

curious: iMail marked ~ 2000 mails as unread. I had to "read" them again.

silly: Restoring my LAN setting did not work. I had to correct it manually when i discovered that my Mac k1.spdns.de/ was not reachable.

bugger: 2 days later i discovered megabytes of web server error messages, because my script couldn't store preview thumbs in the preview folder. I had to correct permissions. I think this did no harm except that preview images were created anew each time a page was accessed.

that really sucks: Today i noticed that the current download version of zxsp was not in the download folder. :-/ I had to create it anew. Now it's slightly larger again, this really depends on what i have compiled in when i compiled Qt. This is a little bit silly; do i actually need a Qt installation for each project, so that the libs included in the app only contain the binaries the app actually uses? And then, of course, i made an error in the deployment process and built the pre11 app with an internal version of pre12. And some folks have already downloaded it before i noticed this mistake. For that reason there won't be a version pre12, the next will be pre13 for the sake of the "check update" function.

    ... Kio !

p.s.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCRqAzCevsY

p.p.s.: And there's a new background for the blog. :-)

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