October 18, 2013

zxsp 0.8.0pre20: Lenslok!

Hi there,
Using Lenslok to decode the scrambled pattern
i've just dropped a new version of zxsp in the download folder.

This brings Lenslok support to the ZX Spectrum models and clones.

The Lenslok can be found in the Extensions menu. Drag it over the screen, follow the instructions to adjust the width of the 'H', click on the Lenslok to rotate it (and fold the hinges, but that's hard to see ;-) ) adjust position, type in the code and you are in! :-)) Click outside the Lenslok to dismiss it.

It works much better than the original device! If it was like that it'd had been fun to use. :-)

The virtual Lenslok has a tiny bit of magic built in to select the proper version for the current game, but in case the magic fails you can select the right game from the context menu of the lens.

October 10, 2013

zxsp 0.8.0pre19: New stuff for Jupiter Ace, Sound Fx and TS2020 tape recorder


Timex Sinclair TS2020
a new version of zxsp is out now. There is no 'big' thing as in the last release, but several minor improvements and some 'less important' additions.

Jupiter Ace

Some errors in handling .tap files for Jupiter Ace have been eliminated. .tap files can be 'instant loaded' now. .ace snapshots can be loaded and saved. I have included 'WORMS' from the Jupiter Cantab demonstration tape in this release. A tiny game, just to show it works. To load it, type load worms get graphics game. There is no wildcard load and no auto-start on the Jupiter Ace!

Timex Sinclair TS2020

The b&w machines now use a TS2020 for their tape recorder. Not sure whether i should also use it for all other machines as well, except for those with built-in tape recorder. What's your opinion?
As with the +2 / +2A recorder, the pause button is used in conjunction with wind and rewind to auto-stop at block boundaries.

All tape recorders

I have added sound effects to the tape recorders. I hope you like it. :-)
I have also added new menu entries to the context menu, including a 'recent tapes...' menu.

New Qt version

This is the first release which uses Qt 5.x. This enables me to send bug reports for the current version. B-) The only visible difference (to my knowing) is the superfluous animation when starting/leaving full screen mode.

Have fun!