November 17, 2012

zxsp 0.8.0.pre8

Hello again,

Snapshot from the Dies Irae Demo, captured with zxsp
Starting with version 0.8.0.pre8 i am working on the debugger. Z80 register editing is implemented again and there is a memory inspector, if you select the 'Mmu' inspector in the Windows menu. Currently only the 'Bytes' display works, others will follow in the next release. Breakpoints are also still ahead.

During the work on this version i managed to freeze my Mac several times. I believe this should no longer be possible with nowadays operating systems, but it is. I suspect OpenGL is still somewhat instable in OSX.

During my work to fix this i worked on the screen display routines and also improved the behavior during window resizing.

New in this version:

  • CPU register editor
  • Memory display
  • Reduced flicker during window resize

CPU Register Editor

Values are committed with 'Return' and 'Tab'.

Memory Display

Only the 'Bytes' display works. You cannot edit memory, and select & copy also does not yet work.
The text widgets provided by Qt did not meet my needs so i have written my own text widget. The drawback is, that i have to implement stuff like copy&paste by myself.

    ... Kio !

2012-11-05: I was ill this week and instead of having 5 free days to work on zxsp i had 5 days i couldn't do anything. :-/