January 7, 2013

zxsp 0.8.0.pre11: Debugger


i hope you had a nice trip through 2012 and arrived well in 2013.

What's new in this version?

Ad-hoc assembling in disass view
I still worked on the debugger and added Ad-hoc assembling in the disassembler view.

If you choose "Edit" in the button group and then click on a disassembled instruction you can immediately enter a new Z80 assembler opcode. While the line is valid it is shown in green and while it is invalid in red. If you hit "Enter" while it is valid, the current opcode is overwritten with the new data. If the new opcode is shorter or longer than the overwritten opcode, then NOPs are added to align the opcode end to the old opcode boundaries.

  • I have fixed some cosmetic issues in the memory editors. Now they zip to a full character size after a short moment after you have resized a window. 
  • The view which has keyboard focus is highlighted with a light green border and only here a blinking cursor is displayed.


Though there are still a lot of ideas around the memory views, i'll consider this section "finished" for now and will probably work next on TC2048 screen modes.

I have checked whether i can make a G4/G5 version based on Qt. This is possible but requires me to build a Qt library from source, with proper settings. I think i'll do it, because there are still some people out there with PowerPCs, but it may take a while.

Switch to Qt 5.0 will take a while too. They have not yet even confirmed the bug. You could do me a favor and vote it up: bugs at qt-project/28804.

I'll suspend work on zxsp for a while to work on my hardware projects. I need a switch to something else now. I'll be back in ~2 months.

    ... Kio !

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