January 9, 2013

Good News & Bad News


short story:

  1. My Mac is online again. 
  2. There won't be a PowerPC version of zxsp unless something very unlikely happens.

long story:

I tried to create a PowerPC version of zxsp for all those who have a nicely working Mac and don't want to buy a new one just for Intel's sake.

I need to compile Qt, because the precompiled version is Intel-only. done.
I need to figure out which options to use for ./configure. done.
I tried to compile. failed.
I'm lacking a PowerPC compiler.
I'm researching in the net. done.
Checked whether there is something i can install with MacPorts. riente.
I need to install XCode 3.2.6 to get a powerpc gcc and thereafter XCode 4.0 to fix what's messed up.
I found XCode 3.2 on my Snow Leopard install disk and installed it. Asked me to quit iTunes. iTunes wasn't running. Couldn't be quit. Couldn't be force quit. Mac couldn't be shut down. 
Power cycled my Mac. done.
Installed XCode 3.2 without having started iTunes before so it couldn't leave some trails in the system. worked.
XCode 3.2 provided an older version of the powerpc gcc. grrr...
I tried to compile zxsp. failed.
I searched, found and downloaded XCode 3.2.6, whoopy 4.1GB. done.
I installed XCode 3.2.6, or, erm, at least, what it liked to install. Basically everything except the development tools itself. grrr...
I checked whether i still could compile zxsp. failed.
I installed XCode 4.0.5 from the AppStore. done.
I checked whether i still could compile zxsp. failed.
I checked whether i could use XCode. Basically yes.
I tried to compile a project. Initially failed, but after updating some settings worked. done.
I checked whether i still could compile zxsp. failed.
I tried to compile Qt 4.8.3 from the saved sources. failed.
Meanwhile i had disposed the XCode 3.2 installation. But i thought, i could have saved the slightly older powerpc gcc files. I looked into the bundle of the XCode installer on the Snow Leopard disk and installed only those packages which seemed to be appropriate. If they were installed, i didn't find them.
I installed XCode 3.2 aga...
Kernel Panic.
Mac rebooted.
Kernel Panic.
Mac rebooted.
Kernel Panic.
Mac rebooted.
Kernel Panic.
I booted from the Snow Leopard installation disk.  ok.
Checked file system. ok.
Restored from Time Machine backup. 1h later: Failed.
Restored from older Time Machine Backup. 3h later: worked.
Booted. ok.
Checked online state. k1.dyndns.org not responding.
Checked local web server: running & serving.
Checked DynDns IP assignment. ok.
Fixed LAN settings. k1.dyndns.org online again.
Downloaded Qt source. (Qt stuff wasn't in the backup) done.
Compiled Qt. worked.
Compiled zxsp. worked.
Will i give it another try? Not on this Mac.

I'll accept a donated Mac Mini or similar...
(That's the very unlikely thing to happen...)

    ... Kio !

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