May 21, 2013

zxsp 0.8.0 pre13: Tape Recorder Animation

Hello everybody,

after working for some time on my hardware projects, i'm back to zxsp for the next weeks or months.
I have released a new version yesterday.

What's new?

I have added animation to the tape recorder windows. Ok, version 0.7.2 had an animated tape recorder too, but for 0.8.0 this is new. :-)
There is the well-known green Walkman-style tape recorder, which is currently used for all models without built-in tape recorder, and internal tape drives for the plus2 and plus2A.

Working with the tape recorder

The buttons work mostly as on the original machine. Use EJECT to eject or insert a tape. The PAUSE button has an additional function: If down while winding back or forth the tape will stop at the start or end of the current data block. The green Walkman-style recorder has separate buttons for this.
Right-click in the tape recorder window to bring up an options menu. Here you can create and insert a new empty tape or temporarily switch instant-load or auto-start-stop on and of. The latter two options are set globally for new machines in the Preferences.

What's next?

If nothing breaks i'll now work on the additional screen modes for the Timex machines.


    ... Kio !

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