March 27, 2014

Qt sucks...

Hi folks,

currently i'm a little bit pi**ed with Qt. The more they move to portable devices the more the desktop versions, maybe except Linux, are neglected and fall behind.

I think i have now posted the 20th or 30th bug report. Actually i wanted to write code for zxsp, not bug reports... but Qt becomes more and more unusable.

Here the images posted with QTBUG-37918:

Memory Hex Inspector in Qt 5.2 Memory Hex Inspector in Qt 5.3b1

AY Inspector in Qt5.2 AY Inspector in Qt5.3 AY Inspector in Qt5.3

QtDesigner has a lot of issues, e.g. vanishing mouse pointer, problem with dead keys, debugger not working, crashing on first breakpoint, weird formats chosen to display data. Scrollbars don't work properly. Tool windows do not hide when the App is in background, setting a folder for a file selector box does not work, file selector box may return folder instead of file, file selector box does not update itself when another file filter is chosen by the user, actions with submenus added to more than one menu do not work. I'm pissed.

    ... Kio !

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