December 27, 2013

Next version of zxsp delayed

Hi to all,

i hope you had some nice christmas holidays and that you are looking forward to a smooth transition to a happy next year.

The next version of zxsp is delayed:

A friend of mine has had an apoplectic stroke and is only very slowly recovering recently, left half of body eventually remaining paralyzed. He's not the guy who had many friends, so every friend is important now and i visit him every day in hospital. This currently consumes most of my spare time and i have worked only little on zxsp. But with a little luck i'll at least release a new version which fixes tape i/o related errors in the TS2068 emulation within this year.

Wish me luck,
and wish him luck!

    ... Kio !


  1. All the best for the new year. Hope your friend recovers fully. I too was very poorly over Xmas. Look forward to some new updates.

  2. Thanks for your best wishes. But he'll very likely stay half sided paralyzed. :-/
    Somehow i did not get a notification for this comment, so very late reply... Maybe my spam folder got interest in it...