April 11, 2014

zxsp 0.8.0pre24: OMG!


this is a bugfix release. A bugfix release was planned anyway, but suddenly it became very urgent, for two reasons:

  1. dyndns.com will stop their free DDNS service.
  2. a severe bug in zxsp made it crash when a usb joystick was attached.

New Domain

Please bookmark this new domain for all zxsp related web resources:

The links in the zxsp.zip are also updated, yo you may use them.
The URL of the blog does not change! :-)

Bug Fixes

  • Scanning for USB joysticks crashed, eventually right from the start
  • Reloading a HD image in a machine which can't attach the DivIDE interface crashed
  • Loading two or more files simultaneously crashed if they a loaded different models

  • Visualisation of compound keys on ZX128 and later did no longer animate the compound keys
  • Joysticks in TS2068 were swapped, fire button bit was wrong (bugger, WoS!)
  • Opening joystick inspector could reassign USB joysticks


I have slightly modified the key mapping: The ESC key now generates the typical BREAK key(s) of the current machine: mostly SPACE + CAPS SHIFT on ZX Spectrum models, simply SPACE on ZX81 models. Activating extended mode now requires SYMBOL SHIFT + CAPS SHIFT to be pressed (as on real model) where i suggest to use CTRL + ALT on the real keyboard because the are adjacent.

final note:


Why does nobody report when zxsp crashes? Bugs which are reported are fixed much faster, really!

    ... Kio !


Oh, i forgot the image: Right now i'm listening to:

You Are Adult.tap


  1. Hi. Can't find anywhere to post bug reports. On 8pre26. Typed something in, saved it, won't reload on any emulator.

  2. Hi, i really spread my email address everywhere…
    and Google did not inform me about this comment… :-/
    But luckily i saw it only 3 days after your posting.
    And more luckily, it is already fixed in version 0.8pre27, which is out today.
    The tape recorder failed to split blocks and then all blocks were saved in one, which actually meant, only the first block was saved.
    Kio !

  3. ok, mail notification problem fixed. :-)

  4. Hi G√ľnter,
    I was wondering if you could tell me how to use the keyboard for joystick emulation? I can't figure it out.

    1. Sorry, currently, it does not work. Working on the keyboard joystick has high priority on my ToDo list, but actually i thought nobody would use it anyway... B-)