June 18, 2013

zxsp 0.8.0pre17: multiple instances


faster than anybody thought, especially myself, the next version of zxsp is released. This version fixes some bugs discovered in the SPECTRA emulation and re-enables the possibility to run more than one machine instance at the same time.

The SPECTRA emulation had some bugs in border colours and in .z80 file reading. Also it triggered a sleeping error in the Z80 emulation, where under certain circumstances, e.g. when the SPECTRA interface was attached B-), wait cycles were inserted anytime the CPU was reading from contended memory. According to the location of this bug this should also have occurred when the memory access inspector was open.

Multiple instances: You now can open as many machine instances as you like ... and your Mac can execute. There are probably still some bugs left in here, but i have discovered nothing severe.

Have fun!

    ... Kio !

p.s.: summer has arrived here. B-)

p.p.s.: i have included a test rom which demonstrates the colour capabilities of the SPECTRA interface. On Paul Farrow's site there is probably a newer version. Just in case.


  1. Hi!
    First, thanks a lot for all the effort in making this emulator! Brings a lot of memories from my childhood. :)
    Secondly, would it be possible to add support to PS3 joypads (wirelessly connected through bluetooth, supported natively by MacOS)? That would be super!

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay in answering this, but i simply forgot about it.
      Is it not supported at all (doesn't show up in the joysticks list) or do you want some support for the additional buttons? You can send me an email for further discussion.

      ... Kio !

    2. It doesn't show up there. Tried with other emulators, and it works perfectly.

    3. Hi, i have put a debugging version of zxsp on the download page.
      It's the last file with 'debug' in its name.

      if you start this from a terminal window it will log lots of stuff including usb devices found. please start it once with and once without the PS3 controller attached and each time copy & paste the output into email. just in case: kio@little-bat.de.

      how to start an app from a terminal window:
      start terminal
      drag app icon onto terminal window
      remove last space and add "/Contents/MacOS/zxsp"
      (or short: backspace,tab,tab,M,tab,tab,return)

      ... Kio !