June 6, 2013

zxsp 0.8.0pre15: Screenshots for TC2048 and b&w machines


i was busy working on GIF file export in zxsp, which i had temporarily disabled in 0.8.0pre14. GIF file export is now working for all models, that is, in addition to the ZX Spectrum compatible models you now can make screen shots from the TC2048 and ZX80, ZX81 and Jupiter ACE screens.

For the TC2048 i decided on a compromise, after i ran into a widely unsupported feature of gif files, the pixel aspect ratio. Screenshots of the TC2048 are made in the same 1x size as those of a ZX Spectrum. In most cases you will probably use the standard 32 column mode anyway and then this is what you want. If you make a screenshot when (parts of) the display is in 64 column mode, the image will be smoothly scaled down to 256 pixels width.

Weird Science Overscan Demo
Also new is that you can include full border animation in the gif file movies. There is an option right under the "Record gif movie" item to include or exclude border animation. In most cases this makes no difference, but when you make a movie from the loading process of a programme, then it's surely preferable not to include the border animation, because this will explode file size. On the other hand you may want to make a movie from a demo which performs some tricks with the border; then you want to record border changes.

While i was over the b&w gif movie support i also fixed some errors in the display of the ZX80 and ZX81 compatible machines, especially in 60 Hz mode.

TC2048 64 Column Mode ZX81 Silly Basic Demo

    ... Kio !

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