November 23, 2013

zxsp 0.8.0pre22: Timex Sinclair 2068 family; Updated

Hello everybody,

and on it goes: 3 new models added! Ok, basically it's only one model which comes in 3 flavours:

The Timex Sinclair 2068 Family

  • The Timex Sinclair 2068 (USA)
  • The Timex Computer 2068 (Portugal)
  • The unipolbrit 2086 (Poland)
Technically they are very similar, not to say identical, but there are minor differences:
The US version runs with 60 Hz, the European variants with 50 Hz frame rate.
The Polish version had only one joystick port, the right port was replaced by a parallel "Centromix" port. But, *wonder*wonder*, *my* U2086 had 2 joystick ports! So currently the U2086 is also emulated with 2 joystick ports and no parallel printer port. I currently don't know of any software using the printer port anyway. Even the precise usage of some control pins are still discussed.

TCC dock inspector
These computers had a Rom module port, the so called Timex Command Cartridge dock. These are stored on .dck files nowadays and i have included some samples in this distribution. Only a very limited number of titles were ever produced by Timex – Androids, Budgeter, Casino1, Crazy Bugs, Flight Simulator, Pinball, States And Capitals, and Penetrator – but there are also some Sinclair Interface II adaptations and some emulators for various variants of the ZX Spectrum, especially the ZX Spectrum emulator itself. This was even bundled with every U2086 computer AFAIK.

Note: if someone has games or demos which use the AY sound chip and joysticks of these machines could he please be so kind and send me a copy? Thanks in advance!

Some people say that the "86" in unipolbrit 2086 is not a spelling error but a pun on 8086 or an indication of the year of release – but then "Centromix" is probably no spelling error either... B-)

Update: Instant load tape files is currently broken on these machines. You must disable instant tape loading and load them in realtime. This will be fixed in the next release.

Other Changes

I have added recent-files menus to the SPECTRA and Sinclair Interface II inspector as well to the Dock inspector. Inserting a rom now also adds it to the global "recent files" list as well so that CMD-R reloads it.
The TK95 got a rear-side joystick connector image and a real photo of the keyboard – not sure whether this is an improvement thou.

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  1. If anyone would like to discuss the JLO Disk system for the 2068 I have one that Im trying to bring back to life. IN the day it was a cool little setup the 2068 and the JLO Disk system.